Getting More Done

Business depends on information and teamwork. Managing field services requires the input of multiple team members, all working collaboratively. TEAMPILOT solution from LOCATIONGURU provides complete support for getting more field tasks done.

Reduced Costs

Field Services teams are constantly looking for ways to reduce labor costs, improve productivity and increase field service accuracy while streamlining overall operational costs. Our pre and post dispatch processes helps reduces costs.

Increased visibility

Visibility of resources and progress of tasks on field post the dispatch are critical for a smooth running of field services operations. TEAMPILOT provides real time visibility of field operations.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Faster task cycle, accurate tasks, timely information updates leads to more satisfied customers.

Powerful Analytics

Business can't improve what it cannot see. We provide you powerful decision oriented analytics. Analyze Productivity. Performance. Key Metrics.

Easy Integrations

Out-of-box integrations with leading systems of the industry. Push-pull information from enterprise backend systems via APIs, CSV, Excel import-export.

Collection and Dispatch

TeamPilot is useful for organizations that provide dispatch and collection services like Taxi pickup and drop, home delivery of food, courier services, etc. The field staff is continuously on move, but, the managers never get a holistic view of the schedule, plans, and activites. With TeamPilot, it is possible for the managers to do day’s planning and then get timely updates. TeamPilot enables organizations to provide prompt service to the customers.

Sales Force

TeamPilot allows sales managers to take control over his team that is on field. The managers will get daily update and reports for the sales person’s performance. Area Manager or Zonal manager track their sales team members on field. The door-to-door sales campaigns get a boast with use of TeamPilot and managers carry out sales performance management effectively. TeamPilot will significantly generate more leads for business and the team managers will achieve the targets.

Installation and Repair

TeamPilot boasts the service quality by enabling quick and timely service and with a very less turn around time. The service personnel who carry out installation, repair and maintenance are benefitted with TeamPilot in route finding, task planning, prioritizing the tasks and thereby improve individual and company performance.

Increase Productivity
Reduce Turnaround Time
Reduce Cost

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